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  • By paying a deposit or any amount of money towards the hire, the client agrees to the rental agreement. The booking fee amount will be listed on the invoice.

  • Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

  • The hire items are not considered reserved until Valley Event Hire has received the booking fee. If the booking fee is not received within 7 days of invoice date, the items will become available for hire by other customers.

  • Full Payment is due at least one week prior to the event. Payments upon delivery or pick up will not be  accepted.

  • A $100 bond is payable on some hires. This can be paid via bank transfer. Bonds will only be returned once

  • equipment has been checked. If all equipment is ok, Valley Event Hire will return the bond money within 5 days of the client returning the equipment. If equipment is broken or pieces are missing, the cost of replacing those products will be deducted from the bond, and the remaining money will be returned. Shall the damages/missing pieces equal more than the bond money, an invoice with additional charges will be issued. We would appreciate you bringing any damages or missing equipment to our attention.

  • Photo identification, which shows a valid Australian address, is required for all hires. The release of hire items is not possible without suitable identification. A copy of your photo identification will be taken for security.


Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are required to be in written form. Fees for cancellations are:

  • 31+ days before the event – A $50 administration fee will be applied but the remaining balance will be refunded.

  • 22-30 days - 75% of booking cost will be refunded minus a $50 administration fee.

  • 15-21 days – 50% of the booking cost will be refunded minus a $50 administration fee.

  • 14 days or less – No refunds will be given


Lawn Games + Replacements Fees

  • Client agrees to pay the full purchase price, including shipping charges on the hired items if they are returned damaged or not returned at all. The client may also be liable for loss of income for future bookings.

  • Lawn games must not get wet.

  • From time to time, a game may vary from the image on the website. Client agrees that although we try to avoid changes to games, sometimes it occurs.


For equipment which is returned damaged or games where pieces are missing, charges are as follows. Listed below are replacement charges for the game pieces which we can replace individually. For games and pieces not on this list, a full game replacement fee will be charged at the current market rate as we are unable to buy individual pieces and will, therefore, need to purchase an entirely new game.



Connect 4 disc $7

Jenga block $5

Quoit $10

Skittles ball $5

Cornhole beanbag $7

Nought or Cross $10


Table & Chair Hire

  • Chair hire is at the client’s own risk. Chairs must be placed on a level surface.

  • Valley Event Hire will not be held responsible for accidents that may occur from a person standing on a

    chair or swinging backwards while seated or any action that would be considered improper use.

  • Adult chairs have a 100kg weight limit.

  • Kids Chairs are suitable for children up to 6 years of age.



Americana chair $50

Americana chair cushion $15

Plastic outdoor chair $30

Kids chairs $50

Trestle table adult $70

Kids trestle table $200


Other Equipment

Hire items not listed individually will be charged at current market value. Shipping charges will also be payable by client for damaged or non-returned equipment.


Late Fees

If delivery and collection is not included in your hire, equipment must be returned prior to 12pm on the Monday following your event. Equipment which is not returned by 12pm, a charge of $40 per hour will be applied.

Carpet Runners

  • Carpet aisle runners cannot be used in the rain. If they get wet, an additional $200 drying/cleaning fee will apply.

  • Real flower petals must not be used on the carpet. They cause stains which cannot be removed. A full replacement fee will be charged to the client if flowers or any other product which stains are used. Replacement charges begin at $400 depending on the length of the carpet.


Giant Love Letters

  • Must be placed on a dry, level surface.

  • Client agrees to ensure giant love letters are not climbed on. Liability and responsibility will not be taken if this is not adhered too.

  • Love letters must not be left out in the rain.


Cleanliness of Equipment

Client agrees to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment. Equipment, which requires extra cleaning on pickup, will incur a $50 cleaning fee – payable by the Client.


General Terms

  • The client agrees to keep the equipment in the same condition that it was received. Valley Event Hire will take into consideration normal wear and tear, however, costs from any damages which are considered beyond normal wear and tear will be payable by the client and shall be payable within 14 days of invoice date. Legal action may apply.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the safe use of all products. Some of the games have elements that may not be considered safe for younger children. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all children are supervised when using hire items.

  • For delivery and collection orders, it is the client’s responsibility to ensure hire items are ready to go. This means games are packed up in storage bags and chairs/tables are folded or stacked. If Valley Event Hire employees arrive to pick up equipment and it not neatly stacked ready to go, additional charges will apply.  This does not apply if the client is paying for an additional set up/pack up service.

  • Equipment security remains the responsibility of the client during the hire. This includes ensuring the equipment is kept in a safe place during hires. The client remains responsible for any theft or damage to equipment. This responsibility and liability cannot be transferred.

  • EQUIPMENT, RENT & TERMS OF HIRE AGREEMENT – The client (customer), hire from Valley Event Hire the equipment listed on client invoice.

  • DELIVERY (if applicable) - Equipment will be delivered to the agreed street address nominated by the customer. The client (customer) grants Valley Event Hire staff permission to enter the property to set up and pack up equipment.

  • TRANSPORTATION AND DELIVERY - Delivery charges are applicable as quoted. If any changes occur, additional transportation charges will be applied.

  • CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS - Liability does not apply for any claims arising directly or indirectly out of personal injury or property damage caused by or as a result of the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Person’s affected by the use of drugs and alcohol are not allowed to use the hire equipment.

  • MARKETING - We reserve the right to use photos of the equipment within the lessee’s property for marketing purposes on our website and through social media.

  • ALTERATIONS OR ATTACHMENTS TO HIRE EQUIPMENT - Are not allowed without prior written permission.

  • TITLE TO - Client agrees to keep Valley Event Hires equipment in his/her custody. The client agrees not to sublease, rent, or sell the equipment. The equipment remains the property of Valley Event Hire.

  • EQUIPMENT USE IN PUBLIC AREAS - It is the client’s responsibility to hold all permits to set up in public area. Valley Event Hire takes no responsibility for this and assumes the lessee has the appropriate authority to set up in a public area.

  • ENTIRE AGREEMENT - The rental agreement constitutes the full agreement between the Client and Valley Event Hire. Time is of the essence in this rental agreement. The equipment is in good working order, and the client acknowledges this.


Release of Liability

RELEASE OF LIABILITY (must be to a person 18+ years) - The lessee shall be responsible for the safe use of the hire equipment.  They remain fully responsible for its operation as well as the return of the equipment in good working order to Valley Event Hire.  Valley Event Hire – The Lessor, as well as its officers, employees, and agents, is/are not responsible for any injury occurring to the Lessee or any other persons using the equipment, and the Lessee further agrees to hold the Lessor and its officers, employees, and agents free and harmless against any injury or claims. The Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor and its officers, employees, and agents from/against any costs incurred due to claims from anyone and for attorney’s fees and related charges involving the use and return of the equipment, should legal action become necessary. By accepting these terms, the lessee agrees to the release of liability and to abide by all safety rules associated with the equipment use.


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