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Easy Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Your wedding is a reflection of your love, and your love is anything but boring! There are a lot of easy ways you can entertain your wedding guests beyond getting a DJ and having them dance the night away. Here are a few of our favourite “out of the box” ideas for wedding entertainment that are easy on the budget, too!

Show Off Your Cinematic Side

Some couples just aren’t into the idea of dancing, and that’s perfectly okay. These days, it’s great to share a special day with your family and friends that doesn’t involve the same-old-same-old practice of dinner and dancing.

Maybe the two of you have built a relationship around how much you enjoy movies. A fun wedding reception for you might be a double feature of your favorite films. This gives you lots of opportunities to tie in the theme, with table names and music. Don’t forget the popcorn bar!

Let There Be Winners...and Losers!

What’s more fun than a good-natured competition? A wonderful way to ensure everyone has a good time is to create a positive but competitive game-filled showdown at your reception, complete with prizes to be won. Any variety of lawn games like cornhole, giant jenga or giant connect 4 are totally perfect to include, but if you’re having an indoor wedding that’s okay, too! Table tennis, board games, air hockey - even twister!

Giant Connect 4

Keep the Kids Contained

One way to ensure that absolutely everyone at your wedding has a great time is to make sure there are plenty of activities for the kids to do. Separate areas for colouring tables and activity stations are a great way to keep them interested and focused. Creative wedding favours for kids can be things like mini versions of popular games or personalised, wedding-themed colouring packs.

With these ideas, kids won’t be the only ones running around having fun at your wedding when you include interactive, engaging things to do!

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